Research Library
Boyertown Area Historical Society
Library Hours:
Tuesday 5:00-9:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
No charge for Members and Students
$5.00 fee for non members.
A fee is charged for photocopies.
Microfilm reader/printers are available.
Make a donation to support and expand library resources.                
  • Local Histories
  • Church Records
  • Cemetery Records
  • Published Genealogies
  • Pennsylvania German Culture
  • Preservation Information
  • Works by Local Authors
  • All Available Census Records
  • The Boyertown Demokrat/Times
    on Microfilm
  • Documents and Records from
    Local Schools, Businesses and
  • Vintage Local Maps
  • Vintage
  • Resources are expanded annually
Library Holdings include:
World War II
Collection of Interviews with
Local Veterans
and/or Documentation
of their
War Experiences.
Telephone and email requests are also accepted.
There is no charge for answering basic, general
questions relating to the history of Boyertown and the
immediate area.  However, there
will be a charge to
locate information requiring detailed research,
copying, and/or mailing of results.
Contact the Historical Society for fees and costs
associated with such requests.
Copyright: 2017  by Mary Markley and the Boyertown Area Historical Society
Captain Earl R. Fryer,
the Lost Ace of Boyertown
Volunteers Wanted!
There are a wide variety of areas
needing volunteers from creating
displays to assisting
Please consider volunteering at
the Historical Society.