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2015 programs.
October 7, 2015
Hank Frecon will talk about Apple Cider,
its production and importance to the community.

November 4, 2015
Robert Gerhart will do a presentation on
Annie Funk of Bally,
a 38 year old missionary who
was a victim of the Titantic tragedy.
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What is the difference between a ghost, a spirit, and a spook?
Learn about a lonely small boy trapped in an attic or the man who
came to the Boyertown Halloween Parade the night after he died!
Help search for restless spirits inhabiting Popodikon Mansion!
Discover another side to Boyertown.
Take part in a Ghost Walk, a Haunted Train Ride,
or a Paranormal Investigation....
Ghost walks are the fourth Saturday of the month.
A paranormal investigation at Popodikon Mansion is scheduled
for October 3, 2015.
Go to the events page for details on the Ghost Walks and the Paranormal
Investigation, as well as a DVD on the Rhoads Opera House Fire and
Charles Adams III's book,
Haunted Boyertown, about the
strange and mysterious happenings in the area.
Der Belsnickel Craft Show
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Final call for the 2015 Belsnickel.  
The show is sold out, and a wait list
is being established.
the Ghosts are back!
After the Fire
the Fire
Has this 1908 fire tragedy
and the loss of almost
200 people
affected Boyertown's
Haunted History?
Take a Ghost Walk and
investigate the
other side of Boyertown.
Events Page
provides information on
the date and ticket price
of Boyertown's
Historic Ghost Walks.
Thank you to Margaret Harner for researching and supplying these
vignettes of life in  Boyertown.
This date in the
Boyertown area:
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Sept. 2, 1945
General Carl A. Spaatz is aboard the USS Missouri to witness the ceremonial surrender of the Japanese in
World War II. He was the only United States general present at all three surrender ceremonies.  At 9 AM, the
Japanese delegation arrived. The Japanese Foreign Minister was the first to sign the surrender document,
followed by the chief of the Japanese General Staff, who had attended the ceremony only at the insistence of
the Emperor himself. General Douglas MacArthur signed as the supreme allied commander and Admiral
Nimitz was the other United States representative to sign. An armada of 1500 USN carrier planes and 462
Superfortreses then roared by overhead to punctuate the end of World War II.

Sept. 3, 1966
Duryea Day is born. Paul R. Hafer is hosting an antique and classic automobile show in Boyertown today as the
culmination of Boyertown’s Centennial  Celebration. Hafer is the President of the Boyertown Auto Body
Works, and he wants to honor an automobile pioneer in Berks County, Charles Duryea and the other people
and industries in Berks County who made significant contributions to the transportation field. At this first
Duryea Day, members of Duryea’s family, including his daughters Rhea and Grace, were the honored guests,
and more than 2000 marveled at the 191 automobiles on display on the grounds of the Body Works. The annual
Duryea Day at the Boyertown Park is held on the Saturday before Labor Day. This meet draws not only classic
automobiles but motorcycles and spectators from a five state area, and it is a festive occasion.

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