Der Belsnickel Craft Show

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    Belsnickel Regulations
    Participants must adhere to the
    following show regulations:        
Booths and Displays:
  • Packing up displays before the end of
    the show at 4:00 PM on Saturday is not
  • Floor length table covers and professional
    looking booths and displays are required.
  • Backdrops are required for all
  • Participants must keep their booth area neat
    and clean.
  • All hanging displays must be secured
  • No open flames or burning of candles
  • Participants are financially responsible for
    any damage they cause to Boyertown
    School District property or personnel.  This
    is especially true of the gymnasium flooring
    and floor mats.  Rugs and floor covering
    are highly suggested to avoid damage to the
    floor and mats.
  • No use of artificial garland, flashing colored
    lights, or gaudy decorations.    
Craft Items:
  • 90% of the craft must be made by the
    participant.  Assembling commercially
    made items is not acceptable.
  • No commercially made or re-sale items
    including jewelry, iron work, belts,
    ceramics, textiles, soaps, food, fabric art,
    precast pottery, baskets, etc.
  • No precut wooden shapes except for shaker
  • No commercially made baskets or straw
    hats except as accessories for dolls and toys.
  • No plastic items, pompoms, wiggle eyes,
    pipe cleaners, or florist ribbon.
  • No mechanically applied designs on
    commercially manufactured clothing.
  • No sale of artificial wreaths, garland, or
    floral designs.
  • No sweatshirts and/or tee shirts with
    stenciled designs.
  • No pre-stamped or cheater's cloth that
    simulates quilting or pieced fabric designs.
  • No commercially made lace panels such as
    those used to make pillows or dolls.
  • Only juried items may be sold.  
Der Belsnickel Craft Show
Boyertown Area Historical Society
Bachert Pottery
Jonathan's Wooden Spoons
Jack Paolini Historic Photography
Rosalie Birt's Belsnickels
Lynne Gilbert
Redware Whimsey
The Belsnickel supports the educational,
preservation, cultural, research,
historical, and
genealogical activities
of the Boyertown Area Historical Society.
The 2014 Show will be held
November 28 and 29, 2014
at the Boyertown Senior High School
The hours are:
11:00 AM-6:00 PM (Friday)
10:00 AM-4:00 PM (Saturday)
$5.00 Admission
No charge for children 12
and under.
The show was named for the
Pennsylvania German folk
character who traveled to
farms and visited the children
at Christmas time.
Good children were rewarded
with candy and oranges.  
Naughty children received a
sharp crack on the hand from
the Belsnickel's switch.
Backdrops are now required
of ALL particpants!
Registration forms have been sent to
those who have successfully
completed the jury process.
Spaces are either
10' wide x 8' deep or 8' wide x 8' deep.
They are either regular or corner spaces.

Please note that every effort is made to
structure the Belsnickel as a balance
between traditional and modern crafts.
There are established quotas for all areas.
About 4,000 people attend this annual
Ukranian Eggs Art by Pysanky Collectibles
Copyright 2014    Boyertown Area Historical Society
Der Belsnickel is a Juried Craft Show.
Jury sessions are held three times a year.
There will be a fall jury session, the date
is yet to be determined.

Those attending a jury session should:
  • Bring a samples of the items they     
    would like to sell at the show.  
  • Be prepared to answer questions
    about your creative efforts.
  • Know that the process takes about
    ten minutes.
Tables are provided for the jury session.

  • started in 1970 to preserve and
    promote historic crafts.
  • has been recognized nationally
    for its emphasis on high quality
    traditional and modern crafts.  
  • held annually the Friday and
    Saturday after Thanksgiving.
Der Belsnickel