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Thank you to Margaret Harner for researching and supplying these vignettes of life in  Boyertown.
This date in the Boyertown area:
May 18, 1886
A woman from a tramp tribe camping in Morysville has given birth to twins in the barn of William Groff without medical
help. Mother and babies are all doing well. The kind people of Morysville have been flocking there during the day with all
kinds of wearing apparel to assist the poor woman. “We hope Providence will provide for them in the future.”

May 19, 1884
The 10 year old son of Nathaniel Seasholtz of Fagleysville was sent to the creamery on an errand yesterday morning. On the
way, he met David Levengood, who gave him a sealed envelope containing $140 and asked the boy to deliver it to Levengood’s
grandmother. When she received the envelope, the money was counted again and again, and each count was $135. When
Seasholtz learned about the missing money, he believed that his son had appropriated the $5 for his own use and administered
a terrible whipping, warning the boy if the deficiency was not made up by evening, he would repeat the punishment. The boy
left the house soon after dinner (at lunch time) and told a neighbor that he was leaving home in preference to another beating.
He has not been seen since, and it is feared that, overcome with remorse and shame, he has committed suicide. (The boy was
found two weeks later, alive and well, working on a farm in Phoenixville. It was not reported whether he ever returned home.)

May 20, 1875
There is a humorous sidelight connected with travel by railroad, but only for those at the depot and not for the travelers
alighting from the coaches, whose faces are so smudged with soot that they might have been performers arriving to put on a
minstrel show. If the train engine burns bituminous coal, its passengers look as if they resided in Pittsburgh, so completely
blackened are they by soot and smoke. If the locomotive burns wood in its boiler, it throws off sparks from its stack that have
been known to set fire to things standing close to the tracks. (Although the early passenger trains were crude, it was still a great
improvement over traveling in jostling stage coaches or jolting buggies.)

May 21, 1892
“Dr. John F. Henry” gives his side of the affair. (See May 14 post) Having been accused of fraud against the National Bank of
Boyertown, Dr. John Henry Funk disappeared three years ago. When it was reported that he had been found in Florida last
week in the Boyertown Demokrat, he took offense and wrote a rebuttal to the editor. “The object of this letter is to correct some
false statements given through the President of the National Bank of Boyertown.”  #1. Mr. Rhoads stated that he found me
living under an assumed name. Wrong there, friend Rhoads. The name is my own and has been since I can remember, just a
trifle abridged. #2. As to being astonished at seeing him, wrong again. Had been expecting him or Mr. Mory (the bank’s
Cashier) for some time. #3.Rhoads further states, W. S. Funk, my son, is living with me; wrong again, I am living with my
son. #4. Rhoads states I had deeded my property to my son. Partly right for once, friend Rhoads, but wrong again in the
main. This property was sold to W. S. Funk, and we have plenty of evidence to prove that. For all of this we have vouchers
and witnesses. #5. “I make these statements that our friends in Boyertown may understand our actions, and know there was
nothing underhanded about the transaction; nothing was done to defraud (the rest of the statement is missing). From Dr. J. F.
Henry, Lawtey, Fla. (The bank got nowhere with its claim and when the Statue of Limitations expired, Dr. Funk returned to
Boyertown, fully accepted back into the community.)   

May 22, 1947
Paul R. Hafer, President of the Boyertown Auto Body Works, was intrigued by the possibilities of television after World War
II. His company was contracted to build Mobile Television Units to be used at major events by Radio Corporation of America
technicians, fully equipped to televise and relay back to the studio events being televised. He immediately ordered a television
set for his home use. He was told that Boyertown was eight miles outside the area for good reception from Philadelphia, and
they normally refused to install receivers where they believed the reception would not be good. Because of that reservation,
Hafer was asked if he still wanted to have a receiver installed. He was perfectly willing to take that chance, and to the
amazement of the company, the reception far exceeded expectations. (Possibly the first TV set in Boyertown?)  

What is the difference between a ghost,
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April 1, 2015
Service Organizations Local History Bowl!  
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May 6, 2015
Darius Puff spoke to a crowded audience and presented an
insightful view of those often referred to as the First People,
the Lenni Lenape.
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